Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time Plan

To plan my time throughout this project I have created an excel document with each day planned out, blocking in when I will have lectures and what I will be using my time to do. I have also planned in times to relax, go to the gym and rowing as I have learnt that I work more effectively working along side these things rather than fighting them, which means good time management! I can't yet figure out how to put it on here but when I do it shall be on here!

Important dates for my diary so far are as follows;

  • 12th March - SDP Breifing 
  • 13th March - POP Breifing 
  • 15th March - National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery Visit
  • 10th April - Courtauld Gallery Visit
  • 13th April - Film Pitches
  • 20th April - 'The Crafty Art of Designing for 'Thrust'' Exhibition Visit with Pamela Howard
  • 23rd April to 4th May - SDP Film Shoots 
  • 1st May - Course Board Meeting 
  • 15th May - POP Hand-in 
  • 21st May - SDP Hand-in

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