Friday, 16 March 2012

The National Portrait Gallery

"The Somerset House Conference", Unknown Artist, 1604

"Michael Dahl", Michael Dahl, 1691

"The Three Witches from Macbeth", Daniel Gardner, 1775

"Sarah Siddons" Sir William Beechy, 1793

"Sir James Brooke", Sir Frances Grant, 1847

"Emily Bronte", Patrick Bromwell Bronte, 1848

"Dame Ellen Terry", George Frederic Watts, 1864
This reminded me of the 'Pot Pourri' remake that I thought was so successful in that it is really delicate and the appearance of flowers. Plus she looks quite a bit like Ruby.

"Gertrude Elizabeth, Lady Colin Campbell, Giovanni Boldini, 1897

"(Joseph) Rudyard Kipling", Sir Phillip Burne Jones, 1899
I LOVE THIS. I think this is such a beautiful painting and its already fairly modern, the lighting is really soft yet falls onto the jacket beatifully. Its just so serene. So far one of the top few I would like to reproduce.

"Lytton Strachey" Dora Carrington, 1916

"Martita Hunt", Robert Duckworth Greenham, 1944
I got a cheeky picture of this which is lucky as there was not a post card or even an image online, but I just thought it was so dramatic, I love the textures surrounding her face and the contrast in colours with her black collar, bright red hair and pale skin. Another of my favourites, though finding a model with the same features may be tricky and this is what I said I would steer clear from in my research.

"Sir Nikolaus Pevsner", Hans Schwarz, 1969

"Ram Gopal", Feliks Topolski, 1972
This image does not do this painting justice. Its huge and the colours are so vivid and its so imposing. I think this would be a really good painting to replicate because of the abstractness of the painting and it would give me lots of room for interpretation.

"Self-Portrait: Hockney Pillow", R.B Kitaj, 1994

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