Thursday, 22 March 2012

"(Joseph) Rudyard Kipling", Sir Philip Burne Jones, 1899

Surface Opinions
I love the atmosphere of this painting. I think the colours are beautiful and so delicate. There are lots of little details that would need to be catered for if I choose to re create this painting, for example the books, which would need to be the same colours, widths and in the right places to make it as effective as possible. I really like the hazy quality of the painting which is something hopefully that a photographer would be able to help me with. I find this so peaceful to look at and that is what I would want to achieve in a remake. The colours must be spot on, the lighting is quite soft and could be recreated in a studio. I think the door would prove to be quite tricky to replicate or find but other props such as the wicker basket, the pipe and painting would all be things that could be sourced easily.

Digging Deeper
Sir Philip Burne-Jones was reflected upon as 'a very unhappy man' by his niece Angela Thirkell. Through out his life he was shadowed by his father, Edward Burne-Jones, a Pre-Raphaelite painter. Phillip was persuaded by his father to work 'properly' rather than just cartoons which he found troubling as his often felt uncomfortable in following his fathers footsteps and being compared to his works along the way.

Rudyard Kipling famous for writing  'The Jungle book' and many other books.

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