Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Painting For Inspiration Film and Styling Project

Aim - Develop creative and practical skills in film design and styling. 


Part One 
Select and interpret a painting from The National Gallery or The National Portrait Gallery. Decide if the interpretation will be set in the period portrayed or in a contemporary context which will be presented as a photograph. 
Budget - £0. 

Part Two 
Designing for Film 
Costume a film working with The AUCB BA (Hons) Film Production course and The AUCB BA (Hons) Acting course inspired by a painting from The Courtauld Gallery. There will be a very tight turn around from script selection to filming which will need to be handled with good time management and creativity.
Budget for whole film - £50 - £70. 

Submit a body of work including; research, development of ideas and photographs from both the styling project and on-set photographs from the film project. 

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