Thursday, 22 March 2012

"The Virgin in Prayer", Sassoferrato, 1650

I think the colours of this painting are beautiful. The subject of the painting looks so peaceful yet striking in appearance. I believe this could be remade really successfully if the details were exact,for example, the folds in the cloth would have to be replicated exactly but I think this could be achieved with a bottle of starch and some careful placing. It might be best if the fabrics were dyed specifically for this remake so that I could achieve the exact colours required as I feel that it is one of the most important things about this painting and thus crucial to the remake. The background is plain, but the lighting is strong which would suggest a studio shoot. I think that a model would be hard to find looking similar to this but it could be set in a modern day context quite easily too, perhaps within a different culture to consider how the symbols of religion have evolved  with Christians very rarely covering their heads any  more.It may be worthwhile considering  the contrast with other religions which cover the hair. I think this would be an interesting concept but possibly a little disrespectful but something I find it fascinating, the differences of religious meaning between cultures and the meanings of covering the head.

Another take on this and modernising it could be turning the character of the virgin into a man or young boy, with his head covered by a hoody with more layers over the top, I don't think this would be as powerful but I think it would be a successful way of modernising the image.

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