Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Reflection on Concepts in Context

Looking back on Concepts in Context I have mixed feelings. It was fabulous to be involved with the Olympic project, 'Battle for the Winds'  and I learnt a lot about the way in which I work and areas that I need to improve on.

The most valuable lesson for me was the realisation that I need to improve on the way in which I communicate my concepts, as at the first glance details did not come across but with explanation my designs were easier to understand as were my concepts to grasp but I need to use visual communication more effectively. It was also noted that although my fabric choices are improving yet I need to be more consistent in translation of these choices.

I feel that I learned a lot about presentation and the standards that the industry expect, including the presentation of models and how my model making skills can be improved by looking into more detail when considering scale and the possibility of designs being realised. 
These are vital skills for both parts for the Self Directed Projectparticularly when working with the other courses so that the communication of ideas are not lost. 

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