Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Last Years Students' Films

Watching the previous years films was really helpful, it highlighted good and bad points between them all and pointed out some of the difficulties we may have to overcome. Out of the eight films that we watched 'Ophelia' was the one that really stood out for me, It was done in one take and was really atmospheric, though in regards to costume I think 'The Chair' had the most going for it, purely because the breaking down was done really well. 
Things to consider when designing;
  • Breaking down - a garment may look too bright or inappropriate for its occasion if not broken down suitably. 
  • Relevance to periods - Make sure skirt lengths, lapels and general styling is appropriate to the period in which it is set. Fantasy settings didn't work so well . . .
  • If no hair and make-up is supplied make sure these also fit the right period as a hair style can completely throw a setting.

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