Thursday, 22 March 2012

"Ram Gopal", Feliks Topolski, 1972

I think that the abstractness of this painting is what caught my eye, there would be a lot of room for interpretation which would be fun and I could be creative with it but then catching the essence of it might be quite tricky as it is so abstract. It could go either way with a remake of this, there is so much potential but if it went wrong I would envisage it to go very wrong. 

Pendit Ram Gopal, (1912-2003), a dancer, choreographer and teacher, 'pioneer of classical Indian dance in this country'. Born in Bangalore and classically trained in an Indian dance style, Kathakali. There appears to be quite a few 'Ram Gopals' who have lots of videos on you tube as they all seem to do producing and performing which is swaying me away from this as a remake as I do not feel I will be able to do it justice if I do not know the character in question well enough.

Topolski was an official war artist and travelled around many areas of distress including concentration camps and the Levant. He also made face to face portraits of some of the most influencial people of the 20th century from Gandhi to Churchill and Martin Luther King.

This blog shows some beatiful illustrations from Topolski.

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