Sunday, 22 April 2012

Vintage Fashion, foreword by Zandra Rhodes

Vintage Fashion, foreword by Zandra Rhodes 

'Model Dinarzade wearing a sleeveless shiny dress with v-neck, dropped waist and flaring skirt with designs at hem by Edward Moleneux, 1924. 
She is beautiful, she radiates elegance, I love that the picture behind her makes her look as though she has feathers in her hair. I can only imagine that the dress is made from something very luxurious. I think the best way to describe this is Decadent. 

'Illustration of dresses by Jaques Doucet, Lucile (Lucy Kennedy, later Lady Duff Gordon) and Charles Worth, dated 1912, 1913 and 1913 respectively.'  
Poirot dress, very elegant and yet still simple. It is noticable how the waist is hidden, beginning to let go of the shape of the corsets. 

'Ladies 1920's daywear with dropped-waist dresses and pleated skirts with jackets worn with cloche hats. The hem lines are high at just below the knee.'
This shows a definite silhouette, very androgynous and the skirts are so short! A massive contrast to the image above this and I love the cloche hats.
I think the most important thing about this is the change for women and the freedom this clothing gave to them.    

'Ornate Beadwork with lace and flower appliqué on a satin bridal gown, 1905'
The detailing here is so ornate, I think this is something that could be added to something much more simple to give it that decadent feel. 

'Sequins, beads and applique on a skirt from the 1920's. Sequins at this time were sometimes made of wax, and easily melted, in gowns you may find deterioration of the sequins where a dancing partners hand would rest.' 
I find sequins really strange because their use has not changed at all, they're still used in the same way, this could quite easily be on a piece of clothing that could be purchased today, but still they add that bit of sparkle that every girl sometimes needs in her life. 

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