Thursday, 12 April 2012

Second Tutorial 12th April

After Discussing the two paintings I have in mind with Bunny it was decided it would be best to go with the painting of Rudyard Kipling by Philip Burne Jones as I think it has a beautiful atmosphere and I do not want to offend anyone replicating the painting of 'The Virgin in Prayer' by Sassoferrato.
This would be a fabulous chance to do a location shoot so I will look around Rhinefield House in the New Forest, The Russel Coates Museum on Bournemouth seafront and a few National Trust houses around the Bournemouth area.
Its also particularly handy my dad looks a fair bit like Rudyard Kipling in this painting, I will just need to find him a fake moustache or get him to grow one!
I need to be well prepared and start collecting things so I will be completely ready to do my shoot straight after filming.

Film studio 2 at 9.30 on Friday 13th
Concentrate on character and colour palette.
Shoot dates (TBC) Designing for 26th April and Assisting for Yolanda on 1st May.
Make apologies for course board and find someone to go in my place.

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