Wednesday, 18 April 2012

First Meeting with the Director, Producers and Production Designers for 'Dolly'

I am so glad I have such a fantastic team to work with!

Maria Alfonzo Reina is the writer of 'Dolly' and the production designer is fabulous, she has a very clear sense of what she wants and at the same time is open to ideas and learning from each other.
Ellie Rogers is the director she also have a very clear sense about what she wants and has some fabulous ideas and seems to think very deeply and critically about everything, so everything is done for a reason which is fabulous.
Karin Kavanagh and Josh Stubbs are producers of 'Dolly'. These two seem very focused on bringing things together and solving the problems to keep everything running smoothly.

Maria feels that it is important to emphasis the sense of curiosity, she does not want this to be seedy.
This will be set in summer, with a Parisian / English feel, which will be dependant on the location which is available.

The three characters that I have are;
The Mother - Mother of Dolly, She is a middle aged woman 35-45 but is still very sexy, she is respected by Dolly but maybe does not give her the time of day that Dolly wants and occasionally pushes her to the sides
and ignores her.
She will be first seen getting ready for her lover, Maria wants her to be clothed in day wear but with something sexier underneath so she can peel off her layers for the sex scene.

The Lover - He is younger than Dolly's Mother, but very dapper, suave and confident.
Ellie was thinking about a cream lounge suit, and Maria wants him to be very sexy.

Dolly - She is around 10 years old and becoming curios about sex. She is very pure and innocent at first so she can make a dramatic transformation after seeing the sex scene. I think it is important to keep the silhouette as similar as possible to the painting so as to set the image in the audiences mind.
After discussing Dolly's coat, we thought it might be a nice idea for the coat which Dolly wears to be Fur, as there is something very sensual about fur and it is most definitely not innocent. They hat is probably one of her mothers so is too big and doesn't fit well on her head.

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