Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Styling Final Outcome

I am so pleased the final outcome of the styling project, I feel that I have really captured the essence and atmosphere of Sir Philip Burne Jones' Painting. 

When painting the original, it must have been looked at from a strange, or maybe several different angles as on my shoot we could not get my lovely model, Ryan's profile right whilst there was so much table in shot, and for the bin to be in shot it was necessary to have it on top of 6 or 7 books so it could reach the table! 

I am really really pleased with my work, I have used different skills on this project, which I have really enjoyed. I feel that my ability and patience with Photoshop has vastly improved and I can now see my self using it a lot more. I have learnt that people are a lot more willing to help than I thought they would and this has had a massive impact on how smoothly this project has gone. I have LOVED this project and I cant wait to do something similar again soon.

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