Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Filming 'Portrait of Dolly'

Today has been so hectic but fabulous!! My production team are fabulous which make things run smoothly, I have to say everything seem to run a lot more smoothly than 'Girl with a Dove'. 
Socks!! I forgot socks! Our lovely actor Ollie turned up wearing bright red socks so I had to quickly run out to get some, thankfully everyone still had things to be doing so nothing was late and it affected nothing!

Hattie's dress fitted perfectly so that was fantastic, I had to use a pair of insoles to make sure her shoes didn't slip off but that was fine! I tacked the bows in place once she had the dress on so that she couldn't fiddle with them and they would be exactly the same for continuity. 

The only thing that didn't go to plan was the dress for Dolly's mother. I had rented a beautiful 1920's original purple dress which fitted perfectly with Maria's (production designer) ideas about the colours being nude and reds and purple, sensual colours; However it was not to be. The dress did not fit. Luckily I had a back up dress with me, which Kirsten preferred as well! Hopefully it will look just as fantastic on screen as the purple dress would have!! 

Ollie, The Gentleman's suit fitted amazingly too! I have been so lucky!! The shoes were slightly too big but he said he didn't mind and chose the brogues which looked amazing! The trousers sat a little high on his waist, giving it a little more of a 1930's feel but this should hopefully not be seen too much in the film itself! 

Re-creating the Portrait of Dolly Painting was the most important job for me on the day, I really worked hard to make the continuity stay the same and get Hattie to look as close to the picture as possible!! I am really pleased with how the whole day went and I was so grateful of my amazing assistant, Alex's help!

I just can't wait to see the finished thing now!!

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