Thursday, 10 May 2012

Location Hunting!

After the tutorial today Yolanda and I went to check out a few of the places Bunny suggested and we have had fabulous results! 
Yolanda and I have agreed to assist each other on our shoots making it easier for one another and more over get a little more experience too! 

So for me we are on the look out for a dark panelled door and a book case, as the rest can be added in later!
Yolanda is after an old Victorian bedroom, preferably with a red bed coverings and a window to the left.

First off we look around The Hotel Mirimar, Bournemouth, which has a stunning view of the sea and has Edwardian Origins. The Library room is PERFECT, the panelled walls and dark doors and with some soft lighting this could be fabulous!! 
The staff here were all fabulous and wonderfully helpful! 

Hotel Mirimar, Bournemouth

Secondly we look around Langtry Manor Hotel which was built in 1877 by Edward VII for his mistress Lillie Langtry. 

The room we were shown was inexplicably perfect for Yolanda's shoot. 

The Kings Room at Langtry Manor 

Last we took a look around Tudor Grange Hotel, which was very impressive and inside completely covered with wood panelling. Very beautiful but unfortunately it did not have to offer what we were looking for but it will be kept in mind for future shoots as it is a fabulous location! 

Tudor Grange Hotel

I was pleasantly surprised with how accommodating and welcoming people were, the staff at all these hotels were really lovely and helped us as best they could!

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